Meet the Band

The idea of Rando TriBe started around 2002, in Hampton Bays New York. Sal Rando was living in a small apartment overlooking the Shinecock bay and loving life. "It was a great inspiration for writing music." Soon became roommates with brother Pete, and the Rando's discovered their ability to Harmonize in a magical way. Fast forward a few years and the two brothers separated for family and life stuff. Pete stayed in NY and Sal moved to Charlotte NC. The Original salt water songs (along with many new tunes) evolved into a bubble that just needed to burst. Pete moved to NC to record the Pig Latin project with Sal. "The project was originally done as a personal deal just to preserve some tunes I had written, and wanted to hear them finished." Pete eventually moved back to NY, and is currently working on finishing his personal project. Sal put the rest of the band together, and is working on new material. The Tribe continued it's momentum selling and giving away over 1,000 plus CD's and downloads. We are looking to break into the scene in a big way.